We are building a Colosseum together

„Die Offenheit erzeugt eine völlig andere Energie. Wir drehen die Kommunikationslogik einfach um und bauen die Kommunikation auf dem Dialog auf. Es gibt keinen allein arbeitenden Projektmanager, der nur Anweisungen gibt. Anstatt Ziegelsteine zu stapeln, bauen wir daraus gemeinsam ein Schloss.“
Rickard Bäcklin, CEO der B2B-Agentur Hilanders


Rickard Bäcklin, CEO of B2B agency Hilanders, believes that more communication agencies should operate more transparently and employ modern interaction with their clients, with all project participants having access to the same data, coordinated and updated. And the ability to add new project participants with a simple push of a button. Welcome to the new collective workplace for sharing.

New generation B2B agency

Hilanders is a strategic full-service agency specialising in B2B communication. Or as they put it: Problem-solvers. Their clients are often world leaders within their field. Hilanders’ task is to turn their ideas into new business. This requires close collaboration, with internal anchoring and external communication being key to success. Success also requires efficient processes and good tools.

“Anywheresation” increasingly important

More and more people expect to be able to access information wherever they are. Rickard refers to this as growing “anywheresation”. Many of Hilanders’ clients also have overseas stakeholders. When a group of global key individuals set up joint projects, they want to be able to communicate smoothly and easily outside their companies’ firewalls.

Transparency soon to be a matter of course

“Today similar platforms are used for social media, yet professionally speaking many still belong to the ‘e-mail generation’”. However, younger people communicate more openly on the whole. They understand that open working methods also lead to faster and better solutions thanks to transparency in exchange of project ideas.

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Easy access

On-line tutorials, an online community and personal training are all available. Hilanders often undertakes the first run-through, but then everyone must take individual responsibility and consistently use Projectplace. If someone lapses back into e-mailing, then the whole thing fails, in Rickard's opinion.

Saving time and money

A simple push of a button opens up a project. No travelling or briefings that eat up time and money. New contributors can immediately link up with the same community, with all documents and files coordinated and updated. Everyone has access to one another's contact details and can begin interacting immediately.

Facilitating greater control

As part of the Intellecta network, Hilanders can take greater control of the communication element. Internal cutting-edge expertise can easily be added and an in-house dream team can be created using, for example, their own brand agency Rewir.

Creating a committed team

“The openness provides a completely different energy. We turn the communication logic around and have communication built on dialogue. There is no solitary project manager issuing directives. Instead of stacking bricks, we are building a Colosseum together.”

Increasing overall business

“Projectplace contributes to a change in how our employees’ ‘capital’ increases overall business. Previously this was hidden in individual filofaxes or presentations. Our projects are now visible, including everyone's documents and presentations. We can share leads and pass on tips and information, all things that help develop our customers and thereby Hilanders’ own business.”

The communication industry must lead the way

“If you want to be a credible advisor, you must keep up with the times and communicate with your customers in the most modern way. Projectplace represents this new transparency factor as a value creator. I feel that more people must test this, and in particular those within communication and media.”

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