A look inside Innotas

Join us for a 60 minute webinar and find out how Innotas strategic tools can help you set up the optimal project road-map, respond to changes immediately and improve your resource management.

Date: September 28, 10.00 - 11.00 CEST
Location: Online (webinar)
Speaker: Susanne Söderberg, Senior Solution Consultant

Projectplace helps teams improve work collaboration and get more things done together. But how do you decide which projects they should be working on? Finding the projects with the highest possible value outcome, with fully utilized resources, is key in project portfolio management. This is where cloud-based PPM solution Innotas goes hand in hand with Projectplace. 

  • Make better decisions - manage project requests and evaluate each one based on your time, budget, resources and business goals.

  • See what your resources are working on - with real-time overviews you can see what everyone is working on and whether they have capacity to take on more work. Using role based planning you can simulate different portfolio scenarios to get the most out of your staff, and start a hiring process well in advance of your resource gaps.

  • Deliver every project on time and on budget - track actual hours and cost to make instant adjustments when needed.

  • Keep your stakeholders happy - real-time analytics, dashboards and reports give your stakeholders all the progress information they need.

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