Conquer the Chaos: Simplifying Collaborative Work

SXSW recap webinar! Projectplace introduces and demos “workspaces for all types of work”, simplifying the way you plan and collaborate on work.

Location: Online (Webinar)
Speaker: Zach McDowell, Product Manager - Projectplace

Projectplace is pleased to introduce workspaces for all types of work. In today’s fast paced and rigid corporate landscape, simplify and consolidate your work with Projectplace by Planview.

Join Zach McDowell and the product team for Projectplace by Planview to learn how the next generation of Projectplace will make your life more collaborative and efficient. Managing the chaos of the everyday workplace is a never-ending job, allow Projectplace to help streamline your processes to help you get the most out of every work day.

You’ll gain insights into:

  • How to best organize your long term planning
  • Advancements in team workspace capabilities for all types of work, such as ongoing team-centric work
  • A glimpse into the future of workspaces and collaborative work management

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